The alignment of your teeth can drastically impact your health and overall comfort. If you or your child are consistently experiencing jaw pain, frequent headaches, or biting your inner cheek while chewing or speaking, a crossbite may be to blame. But what steps do you need to take to correct it? Today, we’re answering the question — what is a crossbite? — and explaining how we fix it. Read on to learn more!

What is a Crossbite?

A crossbite refers to a misalignment of the teeth that can affect a single tooth or group of teeth. Unlike an underbite, which causes the lower teeth to extend outward further than the upper teeth, a crossbite refers to upper teeth that fit inside of the lower teeth. Several factors can cause this, including genetics, prolonged thumb sucking, delayed loss of baby teeth, and the abnormal eruption of permanent teeth.

Posterior crossbites occur in the back of the mouth while anterior crossbites take place in the front of the mouth. Fortunately, both types can be treated, and the type of crossbite you have will help determine the scope and length of orthodontic care needed to treat it.

In addition to pushing teeth out of place, a crossbite can distort the growth of the jaw bone and require orthodontic care to fix. Failing to correct a crossbite can result in damaged enamel, receding gum lines, lopsided jaw growth, and jaw pain. The sooner we can diagnose and treat a crossbite the better!

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How to Fix a Crossbite

Our experienced team of orthodontists at Gorman & Bunch Orthodontics have years of experience in treating crossbites in both children and adults. So, how do you fix a crossbite? We start the process with a complimentary evaluation to outline the best treatment plan for your lifestyle.

Depending on the type and severity of the crossbite, treatment could include a palatal expander alongside traditional braces or clear aligners such as Invisalign. The average length of treatment ranges from 18-24 months, with some patients requiring more or less time to properly fix their crossbite.

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You deserve a healthy smile without the lifelong damage and discomfort brought on by crossbites. At Gorman & Bunch, we work hard to find the best treatment plan for each patient, and we strive to make your family’s visits to any of our offices as pleasant, informative and productive as possible.

If you’re ready to start your journey to a beautiful, healthy smile, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We look forward to hearing from you!

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